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More than 100 years of HISTORY

GUANTE VARADÉ begins its activity at the beginning of the XX century, setting up its first gloves shop in Paris, Madrid and Lisbon.

Since more than 100 years, this brand name has distinguished because of the quality and design of its glove, which were made in our own factories and were sold in shops distributed all over Spain.

In 1929, it receives the golden medal in the International Exhibition of Barcelona due to the quality of its gloves.

One century later, GUANTE VARADÉ, in its fourth generation, is a consolidated brand which continues with the same traditio. We offer you trendy and first quality gloves.

Loyal to our desgn, the leather of our gloves comes from Spain and the manufacture is handmade in Europe. They have the guarantee of our brand name too.

We only collaborate  with first level manufacturers. We take care of every detail of these unique accessories, which mark trend. Moreover, it is a sign of distinction.

Our desigs are classical, with or without lining, so they are timeless, fashionable and of course essential in cold days. Some of them, in our vintage selection, have had the same design for 40 years.